Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

Thinking Forward

Looking at the next 5 years of web I think there will be a lot of exciting new css trends and opportunities across new devices and unique layouts but much more importantly I think web is ready to transform in to something completely new, something we have not seen before and something we did not see coming.

With virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, physical websites and big data apis I think web is set to transform to a much more immersive and fundamental part of our lives, we are right in the middle of an exciting digital revolution and there are no signs of innovation slowing down. I think we are set to start to experience more unconscious interactions with the web, we will be moving away from finding and asking a website to do something and instead web will just be there when we need it, more seamlessly incorporated in the physical world we live in.

In 2017 I think web developers are going to start using new technology which will create a lot of exciting new opportunities. 2017 will be the year the semantic web truly comes of age and so websites and user experience will become more intuitive in suggesting based not only on the meaning but also the intent behind a user's interaction with a website. I think we will see more websites offering an unique experience to the user and we will see fewer websites with layouts and features we have become familiar with over the past 5 years.