Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

Swim In The Water

There is nothing more exciting than the thought of you disrupting or evolving an existing market, the idea that you can change people's mindsets and offer a new product or service which will change people’s habits.

The reality though is that this is not the easiest path. It is like trying to go swimming on land - the circumstances just aren’t in you favour, so you might be best to not even try it.

I have made the mistake (several times) of trying to convince people that a new brand/service/idea is revolutionary and exciting only to find that other people disagree..

It is much more easy and sensible to offer something which you know for sure already works, the market is already there and there is an existing demand.

Sure it is possible to invent or disrupt an entire market dynamic and to persuade the previously un-persuadable, and if that is your mission - then go for it. But if your goal is to make something work and to engage in a way that makes an immediate difference you are much better off in planting your seeds in fertile soil..

Convincing people that you are right and that the way they have been going about things is wrong isn’t nearly as effective as swimming in a place conductive of what you are trying to achieve.

Find a market that is open and buoyant, where your idea fits in with the environment and is validated - then dive in for a swim.