Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

Positive Vibes

Ever heard of the law of attraction?.. I live by it..

Every day I try to make it my number one aim to be positive and to inspire and make happy anyone I come into contact with. The idea is that through been positive (all of the time) you attract some of that positivity back into your life - and it works.

This is the way I try to think about it..

Imagine you are like a satellite and you are broadcasting out to the world who you are and what you are all about - everyone can see and feel these vibes/signals. Everyone and everything is broadcasting signals and you attract to you things with the same signals.. If you tune up your satellite to broadcast powerful positive and ambitious signals - then that’s what you will get back in return.

For example if you are a pretty negative person and you are in debt and worried about getting more debt then that is exactly what the law of attraction will give you. It is like Aladdin and the genie, your wish is the law of attraction’s command and it will give you back what ever you ask for. If you wish for a Lamborghini and truly believe one will come your way then it will, if you spend your time worrying about bad things then guess what, they will happen to you - and it is that simple..

Okay Paul you’ve lost me - I have wanted stuff all of my life and it has never happened.. Firstly it won’t do if your been negative, secondly it wont happen if you don’t BELIEVE it and FEEL it and thirdly there is no timer on this law, if you have a big aim it may take weeks/months/years to materialize, but you just have to believe it will happen.

Positive people attract other positive people into their lives and once you have made the decision to take a positive route through life everything will fall into place for you.

It has to be your priority to remain positive, broadcast happy, positive vibes and believe you will achieve what you set out to do and trust me it WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU.