Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

I want to

It all starts with wanting to do something. You need to want something in order to stand any chance of getting it. You need to ‘want’ to work on your relationships, you need to 'want’ to go to work, you need to 'want’ to make a change.

I think looking at work for a moment this is very interesting. Work is just that - it is work - it can be uncomfortable and hard, even if you love what you do it can still be difficult.

There are very few people that wake up every morning and want to work - want to face the mission ahead and take big risks. People generally don’t like pushing themselves very hard or doing something new.

Working on something you are passionate about and love however is truly not working at all - you want to do it and therefore it is easy to work at it even when times are hard.

If you don’t love what you do you will most certainly quit. You are not quitting because you are a failure or you are useless, you are quitting because you don’t love what you do and when times get hard you stop doing it - and who can blame you for that.

Ultimately I find whatever you want from life you can get. If you want money you can get it, if you want to be healthier you can live healthier, if you want a good relationship you will get one.