Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

Finding a Focus

Something I can struggle with is knowing where is best to spend my time. I think it is true that all of us have aims/goals/ideas, and sometimes I think it is worth taking a few minutes to focus and re-align yourself with what really matters.

The first step is to identify your three most important life aims. Maybe you want to learn another language, become a certain weight, travel to a country (or a few countries) or buy ‘that’ car, or maybe you want to achieve lots of little things. I always find that the best first thing to do is to just identify three aims that you are the most passionate about. The first step to achieving them is in isolating and focusing in on them, cut out the noise and clear a path.

Once you have identified your three most important things in life it is time to make a plan so you can work towards achieving them. At the moment there is a huge gap between where you are and where you want to be and a plan is the tool to help you bridge that gap. Aims can be unrealistic and even unobtainable on their own, what we need is a clear plan of action, steps to take every day/week/month in order to reach the goal. Make a list on one piece of paper with three columns (paper is best - never use iphone etc - you need a physical place for your plan to live). At the top of each column write down your aim and underneath add the steps you are going to take to get there. It is important to note that each step in your plan must be actionable, realistic, and have a date. For example earn £5k/month is not a step, ask yourself how five times to find the actionable step (eg - earn 5k/month - how? - start a business - how? - learn more about industry x - how? - get experience at company x - how? - look for a job in company x - how? - visit company x TODAY).

Once you have your plan act on it NOW. There are always excuses, you can be too young, not enough time, not enough money. But really there is no better time than now, don’t wait until Monday, your new life and working towards your aims doesn’t begin on Monday, it starts today, check your aims and ask yourself how badly you want to achieve them - don’t waste even a second just get started now.

Finally stay focused and stay happy. Keep to your plan and kick ass! Remind yourself every day just how much you want to make this thing a reality and don’t stop until it is. Keep happy too, if you are not happy with your plan, your job, your aims, the way things are going then stop and do something different, the number one aim is to have fun so make sure you keep hitting that target too.