Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

Digital is my favourite material

I totally LOVE creating things. I think some people just love to create - whether it is a paper model, a painting, some software or a business - I just love making things… When you apply this creativity on a computer WOW the possibilities are endless.

Before working in web design I studied art and design at both Dewsbury College, England and Cardiff University in Wales..

It was a great time to experiment with all kinds of different materials - paint, pencil, ink, clay, paper, plaster, all kinds of great and diverse materials.

I found myself using clay more than anything - I think this is mainly because you can do so much with clay. To start with you are working in 3D, literally giving your work and creativity another dimension to play with. With clay you can apply different glazes to give different finishes, you can build in a variety of ways to create different structures and you can create things which are pretty big and impressive. I was obsessed with building modern structures and architectural shapes which seemed to defy gravity - they were pretty ordinary shapes which sat in unusual positions to give them a little magic.

..As much as I loved working with clay I dropped out of University to pursue other opportunities. Ceramics just didn’t fulfill all of my needs and I started to re-visit an old love - digital.

I started to learn basic digital design and development techniques (I am still learning) and I started to apply everything I had been learning about visual/creative to my digital work.

I mean with clay it was great because the material gives you a great deal of diversity but think of the possibilities with digital.. You can create things which are pretty close to been alive - they can move around, play sound, you can interact with them, they can be seen by millions of people, your creations can connect people with knowledge and with other people, you can evoke emotional responses, it is pretty cool.

I think people can look upon software development as been mathematical/scientific - I am sure it is in-fact a creative and artistic thing to do.

I find myself comparing clay and digital a lot.. The way I used to plan and build a ceramic sculpture is similar to how I plan and build an app.. I still like to thing I am creating the same big and impressive sculptures that have a touch of magic about them - the only difference is the material I am using.