Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

5 Focus Points

Having the right focus to achieve your goals for the year is really important, and even more important is encouraging the right focus in your team. To drive fast change whilst keeping laser focus each month I communicate 5 things to the leadership team to keep front of mind, for example this month these are:

1. Culture fit is the most important thing, period. If someone is doing something really positive to drive culture forwards it needs to be praised and encouraged.

2. Focus on your own happiness over what other people think of you.

3. Don't focus on sales strategy focus on doing better work and delivering a load of value at speed and the sales will come, deliver wow instead of a sales pitch.

4. Enjoy the process - obsess on the process and not the end result, getting the process fast and efficient needs to be the concern instead of the finish line or the next project.

5. If you are leading a team understand you work for your team and not the other way round - if something is going well look out of the window to your team, if something is going wrong look in the mirror to see what you can change.