Startups, learning, life and happiness by Paul Brown

How to be remarkable

1. Understand this is going to be hard work. Half-measures won’t cut it when aiming for remarkable. The only way to grow is to abandon your strategy of doing what you did yesterday and commit to digging deep, rolling up your sleeves and doing hard

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Want to make a change?

Creating positive change is exciting, whether it is change in attitude, our appearance or our skillset we all strive for change.

But change is always hard, it is weird, it is unnatural and it only works when we want it.

The hardest part about

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Finding a Focus

Something I can struggle with is knowing where is best to spend my time. I think it is true that all of us have aims/goals/ideas, and sometimes I think it is worth taking a few minutes to focus and re-align yourself with what really matters.


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Good work or long work

Long work is the junior lawyer invoicing 14 hours for a day of filling in forms

Good work is the astute lawyer finding a ninja solution that wins the case in less than five minutes.

Long work has a history. Farmers, hunters, factory workers,

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An opportunity to help

You don’t have an interview, you don't get a wage slip, no one tells you what to do.

Been an entrpreneur is an opportunity to help someone with a solution for their problem.

Solve more problems, solve bigger problems, solve problems at scale

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Good ideas are scary

Good ideas bring change and change is scary to a lot of people.

Quite a few people are afraid of good ideas, but everyone is scared to death of bad ideas - bad ideas make us look stupid or waste time or money or create some kind of

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Experimenting with less sleep

One of the biggest assets you can have is time. Time and money pretty much make the modern world go round and we are all racing to get more of each of them.

For the past few months I have been experimenting with my sleep patterns, I have been

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5 Focus Points

Having the right focus to achieve your goals for the year is really important, and even more important is encouraging the right focus in your team. To drive fast change whilst keeping laser focus each month I communicate 5 things to the leadership

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Ride The Inspiration Wave

Have you ever had something that felt like a great opportunity? A sink or swim moment in time, a new idea that could explode, or just implode. If I work on this thing now - it will just work, I can feel it.

I always try to grab new opportunities

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Work doesn't have to suck

There is a stigma in the UK that work has to be hard and unenjoyable, the feeling is ‘well it is work afterall right’. Thousands of people are stuck in a cycle of working 80+ hours, been in endless meetings, been super busy, having lack of sleep,

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Thinking Forward

Looking at the next 5 years of web I think there will be a lot of exciting new css trends and opportunities across new devices and unique layouts but much more importantly I think web is ready to transform in to something completely new, something

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Positive Vibes

Ever heard of the law of attraction?.. I live by it..

Every day I try to make it my number one aim to be positive and to inspire and make happy anyone I come into contact with. The idea is that through been positive (all of the time) you attract

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What are your limits?

Gettiing one project done on time is easy. No problem. Been responsible for 100 project deadlines is too much.

Presenting to 2-3 people is easy. Presenting to 200 will give you a sleepless night.

Where, exactly, is the line, what are your

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In the moment

Sometimes life moves pretty fast and it is difficult to be really truly living in the moment. Your body is right here, right now. But that your thoughts are elsewhere in time and space. I think it is great to practice been mindful of living NOW and

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I want to

It all starts with wanting to do something. You need to want something in order to stand any chance of getting it. You need to ‘want’ to work on your relationships, you need to 'want’ to go to work, you need to 'want’ to make a change.

I think

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What if?

We are hard-wired to be constantly asking ‘what if?’.. It is part of our ancestry, we are made to be hesitant, cautious and to think through every step, but do you ever act on a 'what if’ moment?

Thousands of years ago a 'what if’ moment may have

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Trust is rocket fuel

Trust in an organisation lubricates the machine, it is probably a pretty bad analogy but it is true - it makes everything run smoother and faster, it is rocket fuel for process.

It may sound obvious but we all have an evolutionary hard-wired

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I am very grateful for a lot of things in my life, but I am also very grateful for the very simplest of things.

Recently I have been advising someone who is going through a difficult time who is very close to me to be grateful for every small

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Digital is my favourite material

I totally LOVE creating things. I think some people just love to create - whether it is a paper model, a painting, some software or a business - I just love making things… When you apply this creativity on a computer WOW the possibilities are

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Be a busy person

A busy person is always taking action, they have the ability to finish things fast, and a willingness to contribute above and beyond what is required. The busy person fails than most people (if you try more often, you’re going to fail more often).

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